Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

The Edge fully understands that the Company has both legal and moral obligations to provide a safe environment for workers, visitors and suppliers.


Our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all employees, and to provide any information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. The Policy will be kept up to date and reviewed formally every year at the Management Review meeting. A copy will be displayed in the office and all employees will be given their own personal copy. The Managing Director will ensure that sufficient funds are available to manage the Health and Safety and security functions of the company to prevent, as far is reasonably practicable, injuries to any person as a result of the operations of the business. This will be achieved by the provision of safe and secure premises and equipment, together with effective risk management. It is equally the duty of all staff to co-operate with the Managing Director to ensure the safety of themselves, colleagues and any other persons who are liable to be affected by their activities at work and adhere to the operational procedures prescribed for the Company.

Roles and Responsibilities

Overall responsibility for Health and Safety rests with the Managing Director who is the designated Health and Safety co-ordinator. All staff will comply at all times with guidance, instructions and safe systems of work including control measures arising from risk assessments devised for their health and safety. All staff must assume responsibility for equipment in their working areas and use due diligence when using it. All staff must take reasonable care of themselves and their colleagues in carrying out their duties. All staff have a duty in law to work safely and not to put people at risk.

Specific areas of Responsibility...

Safety training Managing Director

Periodic Inspection Managing Director

Investigating and reporting accidents All staff

Hazard and Near Miss forms All staff

Monitoring and maintaining equipment Managing Director

Electrical equipment and testing Managing Director

Environment Office Manager

General arrangements for Safety on Site

Staff with a responsibility for administering first aid will be appropriately qualified If there is an accident then a First Aider should be called to attend as soon as is practical.

 If an emergency vehicle has to be called then the Managing Director or, if absent, the Office Manager must be informed to ensure access and contact with relatives. Any accidents are to be recorded on an Accident Form with details of the accident and actions taken, then routed to the Managing Director.

First Aid packs will be maintained by First Aiders.

The Office Manager will check fire escape routes daily.

Portable electrical appliance testing will be carried out annually by an approved contractor. All staff must be responsible for checking daily for any visible damage to plugs and leads.

If gas is smelled then the building should be evacuated immediately, do not switch on any electrical equipment and ventilate the room. Transco shall be informed by the Managing Director/Office Manager.

Visitors and Contractors

Any visitors and contractors will be issued with a badge advising of our Health and Safety policy and evacuation procedure. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) The responsibility for carrying out COSHH assessments will rest with the Managing Director. All staff are to familiarise themselves with the safety instructions for any hazardous substance and if they are unsure are to consult the Managing Director or Office Manager.

Procedure for evacuating the building in cases of emergency.

On discovering a fire, or any other emergency that requires immediate evacuation, raise the alarm and immediately leave the building. Fire extinguishers are provided on site but these are only to be used if any fire is in its early stages and tackling it will not cause risk of harm. All staff and visitors are to leave by the main exit and assemble outside the building to enable the Managing Director or Office Manager to account for all individuals’ safety. The Office Manager is responsible for removing the Visitor/ Contractor book to ensure that visitors and contractors are accounted for. No Smoking Policy The Edge has a complete ban on smoking on the premises.